El Palauet Apartments - Business man.

The six suites of the El Palauet are each individually designed and decorated, and furnished in the lavish details and luxurious furnishings of the Modernista style. In the naming of the suites, Tibidabo refers to the beautiful mountain due west of the hotel in the heights above the city, a famous viewpoint and amusement park, and the Paseo Suites look out on the fronting of the hotel on the Paseo De Gracia. The spaciousness of the suites determines their value, beginning with the Suite Mezzanine Tibidado and Mezzanine Paseo De Gracia at the base, rising to Suite Principal Tibidabo and Suite Atico Paseo De Gracia and at the next level, and topping off with the Suite Atico Tibidabo and the Suite Principal Paseo De Gracia. The El Palauet Spa, on the rooftop, will provide massage and beauty treatments on a bespoke basis, and the sauna and Jacuzzi are open to all guests.

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